Legal Accompanying

Business Security Practice
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  • development of corporate strategy for protection of business
  • legal support at criminal proceedings during the pre-trial and trial hearings
  • legal support during the searches
  • return of the seized and arrested property
  • defense of detained, suspects and accused
  • arranging media coverage of the situation (if needed)
  • revealing of the facts of corporate corruption, - elimination of negative consequences
  • protection from corporate fraud
Intellectual Property Practice
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  • registration of trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs and utility models
  • protection of software products and innovative technologies
  • drafting and registration of licensing agreements
  • protection of intellectual property from improper use
  • fines recovery for unlawful use of intellectual property
  • legal support in litigations regarding intellectual property
  • protection against the patent trolling, pirated goods and counterfeit
Land & Construction Practice
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  • legal due diligence of investment, construction and projected objects
  • registration of title for buildings and land lots
  • appealing against unlawful acquisition of the property title in courts
  • defense of the property rights in courts
  • obtaining all necessary permits for construction
  • legal support of the construction process
  • privatization of the real estate objects
Litigation & Dispute Resolution Practice
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  • complex preliminary analysis of the case
  • strategy development for case solving
  • gathering of the evidence base, conducting of the forensic studies
  • use of the alternative dispute resolution
  • preliminary interlocutory injunctions (arrests, prohibitions, etc.)
  • arranging media coverage of the situation (if needed)
  • preparation of procedural documents
  • representation in courts and all governmental authorities
  • enforcement of court decisions
Tax & Customs Practice
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  • tax planning
  • legal support during the tax inspections
  • legal support of export and import operations
  • appealing against decisions of tax and customs authorities
  • litigations with customs and tax authorities
  • optimization of the tax burden