Haluk Bayraktar, CEO of Baykar: “Türkiye and Ukraine are brotherly nations”

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Haluk Bayraktar once again emphasizes the strategic partnership between Türkiye and Ukraine!

In his interview for the TSN program of  “1+1” channel, CEO of Baykar, Turkish UAVs manufacturer, talked about the main values that currently unite our countries and the prospects he sees in this partnership.

Here are some important ideas taken from his speech, which once again confirm the importance of the development of our relations with Türkiye .


✅ There is a high level of strategic cooperation between Türkiye and Ukraine, and Bayraktar is one of its crucial parts.

✅ Baykar Makina company has been developing its technologies for 20 years, while Türkiye planned to purchase such defensive technologies from other countries, such as the USA and Israel.

However, they faced a lot of difficulties and it was not possible to purchase defense systems for money.

So in the end, Baykar Makina started working for its own state and making deliveries to brotherly nations, including Ukraine.

✅ Since 2011, strategic councils of the highest level between our countries have been actively working, and partnership in the air, space, and defense sectors has only accelerated after the delivery of Bayraktars.

✅ By the way, Türkiye became the only country that was ready to sell UAVs to Ukraine in 2018.

✅ The next step began with the development of the Baykar factory project in Ukraine: it started with Volodymyr Zelensky’s trip to the Baykar factory in 2019.

✅ A bilateral agreement signed in February 2022 was a major facilitator for plans to build this plant, while a full-scale invasion did not affect those plans but even accelerated them.

✅ Both parties receive their mutual advantages from this cooperation, having established their own supply chains.

✅ Ukraine is one of the few countries in the world that can manufacture turbine engines, and they are used, not only in the existing Bayraktar Akinci but also in Bayraktar Kızılelma.

This model of a new generation of UAVs is currently under development, it is the future of military air space and is planned to be manufactured, inter alia, at the Ukrainian factory.

✅ The relationship between Ukraine and Türkiye  has already borne fruit and both parties benefit from it.

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