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With the quarantine time, the concept of “remote work” has been implemented in every business. Is it possible to do remote business?

Today around the world we have the opportunity to observe how Ukrainian entrepreneurs are forced to organize remote work for the whole companies, effectively relocating their employees and also their families. At the same time, in such a difficult period they are trying to keep profits.


How to manage a critical situation effectively and not lose business?

To find out the answers to these questions, activists of the Ukrainian NGO decided to talk with Ukrainian entrepreneurs who had chosen to migrate to Turkey.

After several meetings, a small circle of like-minded people came up with the idea of creating a separate direction within the NGO: the community as a platform for communication between Ukrainian entrepreneurs in Turkey. Those who have lived and worked in the Republic of Turkey for a long time, and newly arrived entrepreneurs.

The purpose of the community is to establish useful connections, partnerships, meetings, business events, exchange of experiences, and, of course, joint leisure.


How the Business Club of GOUR was established?

The first meeting of the Business Club of GOUR (NGO “Ukrainian Family”, Gromadska Organizatsiya Ukrayinska Rodyna or shortly GOUR in Ukrainian) was conducted on April 7, 2022. At this event, we hosted an unexpected number of people — more than 50. In these turbulent times, when most families had just moved away from the war to Antalya and found refuge here. The organizers were sincerely comforted by the initiative and strength of spirit of all guests present!

During the first meeting, participants had the opportunity to meet, introduce themselves, talk about what they did before the war in Ukraine started, and share plans, opportunities, and needs.

Vita Mykhailova, the head of NGO “Ukrainian Family”, spoke about her experience in NGO. For more than 12 years, NGO “Ukrainian Family” has been promoting Ukrainian culture and language, providing support to compatriots in the Antalya region. The foundress succeeded in uniting all Ukrainians into a real big family.

NGO “Ukrainian Family” is an official member of the World Congress of Ukrainians and the World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations (WFUWO), so it has extensive experience in participating in international projects and strong support from Ukrainians in all world. 


Organizers and members of the club

240 businesspeople who are currently in the Antalya region have already joined the Business Club. This direction of the Ukrainian family is coordinated by successful and beautiful businesswomen:

  • Vita Mikhailova — the founder of the NGO “Ukrainian Family”, registered in Antalya in 2009, co-organizer of the project “Greening the Planet” and director of the representative office of the magazine “Business Woman” in the Republic of Turkey.
  • Mariel Slavska — founder of the NGO “BlagoDIM”, who takes care of mothers with children in difficult life circumstances. For 4 years, BlagoDIM has helped more than 100 wards to transform their lives. Also, they established a charity shop distributing 57,562 kg to needy people. After the liberation of Irpen, BlagoDIM helps for citizens with free things every day.
  • Kateryna Samoylyk — Deputy Chairman of the NGO “Ukrainian Family”, writer, poet, journalist, and public figure. She is the author of a pocket guide for parents “In the space of childhood”, for a long time was the host of the magazine “Kindergarten” of the state enterprise “Press”, screenwriter, organizer of art events, and regular host of the NGO project “Meeting with an expert”.
  • Svitlana Moroz — Ukrainian lawyer with 15 years of experience, the founder of Dictum Law Company, which specializes in advising Ukrainians in Türkiye and Turkish high-net-worth individuals on creating business in Ukraine and attracting private capital and investments to Ukraine. According to the results of the rating “Market Leaders. TOP-100 law companies of Ukraine — 2021” by Yurydychna Gazeta Newspaper Dictum was recognized as one of the best in various fields: labor law, intellectual property, corporate law, and tax law.

The following tasks of the club are currently defined:

  • helping Ukrainian companies in relocating to the Antalya region.
  • supporting in finding office space, housing for company employees and their families, introducing business partners to purchase raw materials, products, sales of goods and services; assistance in communication with government officials on the opening of new business directions, etc.;
  • spread of information and advertising about Ukrainian business in Turkey;
  • supporting in opening new companies (registration of a legal entity);
  • organization of business meetings for networking, discussion of topical issues for entrepreneurs, exchange of contacts between members of the club;
  • providing up-to-date information and supporting investment projects.

What is the secret to the success of Ukrainian entrepreneurs?

It is the synergistic combination of the efforts of “local” Ukrainians and the unbridled desire of IDPs — entrepreneurs to develop and manage to successfully conduct “business without borders” and organize the remote business.

The secret to the success of a business without borders is undoubtedly the professional support of each other’s entrepreneurs, collaboration instead of competition, and the absence of any mental constraints in management.

Each member of the Club has his own story, and at the same time, all participants are united by strength of spirit and diligence!


The article was prepared by Svitlana Moroz and Kateryna Samoylyk

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